Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mother's Day!

The big day is almost here!  Your mother grew you into the person you are today, so what are you going to do to show her how grateful you are?  I used to buy my mom things that I couldn't afford, that I thought she would like.  It's taken me some time to realize that she didn't want me to waste my money on her, and what she really wanted was to spend time with me, or to get a thoughtful handmade gift (think back to making cards in elementary school) that would mean so much more to her!  

Another problem with buying your mom perfume, scented lotions, candles, etc. is that they are full of toxins that could potentially make her sick!  We want to provide our moms with love, and appreciation, so what better way, than to make her some amazing, natural gifts?  Here are some recipes that you can make very easily, and affordably that she will love and that don't contain any toxic chemicals!

If you would like more recipes or to see how to make some other great gifts, you may like to watch this Webinar.  Sherri Griffin and I will teach you 4 quick and easy gifts that you can make for your mother (or a few that you can buy if you don't want to DIY) that will be a big hit without breaking the bank. 

*Mother's Exfoliating Scrub
*Customizable Easy Perfume
*Simple Skin Care
*Chocolate StressAway Bark
*Plus a few of our favorite products

Of course, you don't have to give them all away to your mom-- you can definitely make some Chocolate Bark for yourself. YUM!!! (*This chocolate bark video will play during the webinar, or you can watch it now)

You can also purchase some really amazing gifts from Young Living as well, so here are a few ideas!  I personally LOVE the Art Skin Care System, Deep Relief Roll-On, and the Rainstone Diffuser Starter Kit would be so amazing to receive!

Whatever you do for your mom, this Mother's Day, remember, she only really wants to spend time with you!  You could bring the supplies to her, find all of them here, and make the above recipes together, while enjoying Stress Away Chocolates, and wine! Our mom's are so deserving, and have done so much for us, so don't forget to put some thought, and love into your mom this Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Oh Crap! Bathroom Spray

Do you still spray air fresheners in your bathroom? Would you rather just smell bathroom stink, or do you like the combo of stink covered by a florally, chemical smell? YUCK! Not only are air fresheners are filled with toxic chemicals that are terrible for our health, but they don’t actually cover up any stinky smells, they try to mask them but it just doesn’t work!  If you are tired of inhaling chemicals and the smell of crap in your bathroom- then it’s time that you make some, “Oh Crap, Bathroom Spray”! I found this recipe in, Melissa Poeppings, Chemical Free Home 2 book, which is also filled with many other great Chemical Free recipes! I changed the oil amounts to customize it to my preferences, which I encourage you to try as well :)
Distilled Water
15 drops Purification EO
10 drops Bergamot EO
5 drops Geranium EO
3 drops Lavender EO

First, add EO’s to your bottle. Second, add around 2T. of witch hazel to the oils. Last, top off with distilled water!
*Be careful, and only fill water to the curve of the bottle!  If you overfill it once you put the sprayer on, you will lose your oils and not your water!  Take it from someone who has done this many times!!!

Now you are ready to get rid of those terrible smells in your bathroom, and even better- get rid of those toxic chemicals that are just no good for you! ENJOY :)  You can also use this spray anywhere in your home that there is a bad smell that needs to go!

Here are the links for the other Chemical Free Home books: