Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Supporting Emotional Health with Young Living Essential Oils

This is my last weekly oil post for the month of January! I've enjoyed sharing my New Year Resolutions with all of you and hope that I've inspired at least one of you out there to open yourself up to a healthier way of living. This post is the most difficult for me. I was physically, emotionally, mentally abused as a very young child and even when the physical stopped by one person- the emotional has continued by another into adulthood. I have dealt with my problems in my own way and have become a stronger person because of it. Unfortunately, I still harbor quite a few "emotional issues" and am trying to resolve those and also trying to become "less angry" in general. I'm also pretty sure that my hormones are haywire after the babies and somedays, I really feel like i'm losing it. I have purchased a book called, "Releasing Emotional Patterns" and along with Essential Oils, I'm going to try to change some of my patterns! This one will not be easy, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it helps...

This is an excerpt from the Releasing Emotional Patterns book:

 "Sesquiterpenes, found in high levels in essential oils such as Frankincense and Sandalwood, help to increase the oxygen in the limbic system of the brain which in turn "unlocks" the DNA and allows emotional baggage to be released from cellular memory. Emotions have been found to be encoded within the DNA of the cells and passed on from generation to generation. Emotional behavior patterns have even been found to be "locked" within families. Transplant recipients report strange memories and desires which further substantiates that emotions are stored in the body and encoded in the DNA of the cells. More recently, studies at New York University proved the amygdala gland (the gland in the lambic system of the brain that stores and releases trauma in the body) does not respond to sound or sight or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of smell."

When we carry emotions with us, they can weigh us down and manifest in other ways. Essential Oils can help facilitate to release those emotions.

This is a great link to check out dealing with the "How" and the "Why" Essential Oils Facilitate Emotional Release.

Some ideas to begin the process of releasing emotional patterns are:

  1. Place 1-3 drops of Release over the Thymus and rub in gently. Apply up to 3 times daily as needed.
  2. Blend equal parts Frankincense and Valor and use as listed below:
    1. Apply 1-2 drops neat on temples, forehead, crown, and back of neck before bed. Do this for 3 nights.
    2. Apply 1-2 drops neat to the crown of the head and forehead as needed. It is best if it is applied in a quiet, darkened room.
    3.  Massage 1-3 drops on heart Vita Flex points 2-3 times daily.
    4. Rub 1-2 drops of oil on the temples and back of neck several times daily. 

Did you know that Anger is stored in the liver? When this energy is generated and not released, an organ or gland within our body will store the energy.

There are some things that we need to do before we can clear these Emotional Patterns:

  1. Understand the pattern- see how the emotion appears in different situations and how it affects your life. Understanding the pattern is the first step in resolving the issue.
  2. Recognize the problem- if you can find the cause of the problem, you may be able to deal with it in a better way.
  3. Be willing and ready to change- Until the behavior is understood or experienced the situation will only get worse. It takes effort and focus to shift the direction of our behaviors.
  4. Change the energy pattern- an automatic behavior is a fixed pattern. If you want a change, the energy needs to be cleared out of the physical, mental, and emotional parts of the body.
  5. Release the pattern from the memory in the limbic system of the brain.

I personally am wanting to rid myself of the ANGER because this is definitely my emotional response! I will be following this book with hopes of changing my emotional responses that have been a problem throughout my life. If you are interested in this book, you can find it here.

I follow a writer named Austin Blood on FaceBook! I love reading his viewpoints on men and women from a mans perspective and this is a recent post:

When we're hurting emotionally, we resort to avoidance. When this happens, it's easy to make poor choices that lead to unhealthy relationships and unwise business decisions. We seek to escape because we do not have anchoring or awareness to know how to deal with our emotions. When I need to feel balance and stability- I use Grounding oil (LOVE to diffuse) so that I can cope better with reality in a more constructive manner.

Another aspect of Emotional Health for me is HORMONAL balance!  My hormones have been so out of whack since having 2 babies in 2 years!!! I'm just finally getting to a place where I feel like i'm starting to gain control once again and I seriously believe it's from this oil EndoFlex!  This is a blend that amplifies metabolism and vitality while creating a hormonal balance.  I diluted my bottle and put a roller on it and apply it to my lower abdomen, both of my kidneys, and to my thyroid twice a day to help support my Endocrine System.

Here is a great video by my Teammate Sherri Griffin with an explanation of the Endocrine System!

Young Living also offers The Feelings Kit that features six essential oil blends formulated to promote emotional clearance and self renewal. This collection includes Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, and Present Time.

Inspired by D. Gary Young’s life experiences, the Feelings collection was designed to lift negative impressions and allow openness to new beginnings. Everyone has experienced lasting adverse impressions that scar our inner self, prohibiting self growth and accomplishment.

Following the Feelings regimen, sets you on the path of self identification by aligning your emotions. Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, and Present Time oil blends complete this collection providing the foundation for emotional health.

“Negative experiences and ideas are recorded in our brains and locked into our memories throughout our lives. These memories range from mild to extreme and have a profound effect on our health and happiness. In order to become who we are intended to be, we must erase these negatives and reprogram our thoughts to make positive ideas our reality.” D. Gary Young

Here is Sherri's video on opening her Feelings Kit! I cannot wait to order this someday but right now I'm just using a few of those oils on their own or together until I can afford the whole kit!

My first step in my emotional healing process is to stop allowing the emotional abuse from certain people in my life to continue: I AM DONE! This feels great to say and I can't believe it's taken me so long. 

  1. I'm going to write 3 letters each to a "father" and then I'm going to open a bottle of wine and have a party in my backyard to burn those letters hoping to release everything associated with those emotions.  
  2. A new oily friend recommended that I start coloring Mandalas for Art Therapy which I love- so I ordered one and can't wait to start coloring haha!  Mandala art therapy & healing can be a great source of reflection on one's soul.  Hopefully this will inspire me to start painting again since I am an artist... Here is a link with more information on that: 
  3. I am working on controlling my hormones by using EndoFlex into my daily routine as well as a blend that I've made for my emotional journey.  This is the recipe that I'm using for my journey:

 There it is: My New Years Resolutions for 2015!  I have a ton of work ahead of me this year and am so excited to work on making myself and my family happier and healthier!  I look forward to 2016 and can't wait to see 1 year from now where I'm at and how things have changed... 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Post Workout Essential Oils & Ideas

So what do you do after a workout?  You most likely are tired, and sore and could use some support for your muscles.  I like to do a few different things depending on how I feel!  

1) Take a sore muscle bath with epsom salts!  Here is the recipe I use to alleviate the aches of a workout.

2) Here is a recipe for a balm that I use to rub on aching, tired muscles after a hard workout to give them relief! 

3) Some other great oils to help relieve workout aches and pains are:

  • Panaway with the addition of Copaiba (which is a magnifier for other oils) and is commonly used to support your muscles after a long workout, is traditionally used by the tribal chiefs in the Amazon.  
  •  Deep Relief Roll-On which helps relieve workout soreness and tension.  This powerful blend contains 9 Essential Oils, most of which are known for their muscle supporting characteristics! I NEVER leave home without this one!!

Ok, that about wraps up my resolution for weight loss that revolves around a healthier lifestyle!  I've already been drinking way more water and have started a meal plan, now for the shopping! I'm going to get all of my exercise stuff cleaned and ready to use and plan on starting a new exercise program that I will do from now on-NO MORE EXCUSES! It's time for me to start taking better care of myself and I feel like I'm ready and committed to a new way of life! 

What will you be doing to lead a healthier life? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting Healthier with Exercise

Those of you who have been with me the last two days know that I've shared how I'm upping my water game and eating healthier. The last part of the trifecta awaits...

Now it's time to EXERCISE

To me this means, do anything but exercise! I'm not very coordinated or athletic so I'm going to focus my workout routine based on things I can do at home.  Also, I get bored easily...very easily... My solution? Have a BUNCH of different workout options so that when I don't feel like doing one of them, maybe another will sound better! 

For weight loss the goal is to use more calories than you consume so exercise is critical. This can be anything from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, starting the couch to 5k program or joining a gym. Make it your own, but make it enjoyable for you! 

1) I have a wii with wii fit that I haven't used in about 3 years! It's getting dusted off and set back up because it's fun and I think the kids would get a kick out of doing it with me!

2) There is a TON of YouTube videos out there and I plan on finding a great Yoga one... I'll let you know when I find it, or maybe you have a recommendation for me?

3) I have a complete set of Pilates Dvd's that I don't think i've ever watched...not even once :(  So, I'm gonna bust those out and see if the interest is finally there!

4) I've heard about this and am going to check it out!

Sign up for the FREE 30-day Home workout challenge! ENJOY this totally fun workout from Betty Rocker that will heat you up like a sauna and work every muscle in your body!

5) If you have a Prime membership to Amazon, you have countless exercise videos which you can use for free! 

6) Buy a product like the FitBit or the Vivofit which count activity and some even have alerts to help remind you to walk. It’s sooo great if you have a desk job! 

7) Have you heard about a rebounder? It’s a small trampoline, but using it for just 20 minutes a day may help reduce cellulite! 

8) Take a 30 day challenge like one of the ones found here.

These are all options that I will be looking into so that I can come up with a workout routine that fits my lifestyle and so that I don't easily get bored with it!  Also, to help you get motivated and stay uplifted and excited-try diffusing Peppermint and Citrus Fresh essential oils together! This is the blend I diffuse when I have something to do and don't feel like doing it...It really helps me to get motivated and accomplish tasks!

I'm always looking for new exercise ideas. Please share yours in the comments below!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting Healthier by Eating Right

I'm not interested in "dieting" because I know it won't last or I will fail at it!! My New Years Resolution is to start cooking and preparing healthier meals for my family.  It's so easy (especially with 2 toddlers) to open a box, or a can of something or throw a "pre-made" item into the oven and serve it up for supper! Bountiful Baskets has been a wonderful addition to our lives over the past year and not only are we making healthier selections, we are trying new fruits and vegetables that we may not have tried before! It's always fun and exciting to see what will be in our basket! Never heard of Bountiful Baskets or interested in more information? Read more here

This article makes a lot of good points on the many reasoning diets don't work for a lot of us!


I found this on healthyeating.org There are some great tips, recipes and even a printable grocery list. I've seen several requests for preparing on a budget and meal planning...thought this was a good resource. 

You will certainly benefit from using a meal planner, whether it is a formal printed or interactive planner or simply a few notes jotted down on the back of an envelope. With a little preparation, planning your meals in advance can help you save time and money at the grocery store or from dashing through the drive-thru at lunch or dinner. Developing a meal plan can also help you eat a more nutritious, well-balanced diet that includes nutrient-rich foods from each of the five food groups. You may find that you can better manage your weight if you plan and prepare meals at home more often. 

Here are some tips and ideas for developing and sticking to a meal plan:
  • Create a two-week or one-month rotation of your favorite recipes and change-up as necessary
  • Scour your pantry, freezer and fridge to plan meals around items you already have on hand
  • Include meals in your plan when you will eat out or take-out/pick-up so that the meal plan reflects your realistic schedule
  • Search our database of healthy recipes for ideas and new twists
  • Plan meals that include foods from each of the food groups
  • Include snacks on your meal plan so that you can use them as opportunities to eat more nutritious foods
  • Look for meals that use similar ingredients (like fresh spices or leftover chicken) to avoid waste
  • Remember to include beverages in your meal plan to identify where you may be taking in empty calories or have opportunities to add food groups like milk or fruit

Regardless of how you decide to meal plan, taking some time to think about preparing meals ahead will help you save time, money and eat healthier! If you're preparing meals for your family, you'll be ready with an answer when asked "What's for dinner?" or "What can I eat?" You can even plan family meals to cook with kids or for older children and teens to prepare on their own.

Another FREE app is MyFitness Pal, but you can also use your computer to track. Using your weight it calculates the amount of calories that you should eat daily (you can adjust it if you want) and you can also track specific nutrients in case you want to track daily intake of fat and/or sugar. As you log your food it will add the calories up so you know what you have left and if you add you physical activity it subtracts the calories burned!!! The best part about the app is that it is free, it has an awesome food log and you can also scan your food labels to log the information! You can also add friends and either compete or support each other.

Phew! That's a lot of information about eating healthier. Tomorrow I'll be back to discuss exercise. I'd love to see you back again! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Adding More Water to Your Day

After having 2 babies in 2 years, my body still isn't (probably won't ever be) the same!  I would like to begin incorporating Yoga, Pilates, and diet changes into my routine to become healthier and stronger.

My first goal is to DRINK MORE WATER! Why is this so important?

1. Maintain the Balance of Bodily Fluids with water.

The human body is composed of around 60% water and this is needed for digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature which we rely on our body fluids to do.

2. Control your Calorie intake by drinking water.

By drinking water and eating a diet higher in water-rich foods that are healthier, more filling, and will help you reduce your calorie intake. Water-rich foods include fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, oatmeal, and beans. By eating these types of foods, you will be more likely to "fill-up" and have better absorption of the nutrients by your body.

3. Water is know for its value in helping our muscles "energize"!

When you're not getting adequate fluids, your muscles can dry out and be left "fatigued". Follow the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for fluid intake before and during physical activity. These guidelines recommend that people drink about 17 ounces of fluid about two hours before exercise. During exercise, they recommend that people start drinking fluids early, and drink them at regular intervals to replace fluids lost by sweating.

4. Do you want nice looking, glowing skin? Drink water.

Our skin is a protective layer that contains water and protects us from losing an excessive amount of fluids. When dehydrated, the skin tends to look "dry" and "wrinkled" but simply drinking enough water daily can help keep our skin hydrated and looking great!

5. Help your kidneys- drink water.

Your kidneys are responsible for removing the toxins from your body but they need help in doing so. When you're getting enough fluids, urine flows freely, is light in color and free of odor. When your body is not getting enough fluids, urine concentration, color, and odor increases because the kidneys trap extra fluid for bodily functions.

How do you know if you're getting enough water and how can you keep track?

There's a FREE app called WaterTrakr that:
  • Provides you with the amount of water you should be intaking daily (based on gender, weight, and exercise)
  • Progress bar to help you track your consumption
  • Alarm to help you remember to drink up throughout the day

Here is a link for a Water Calculator to help you determine how much water you need each day

So, now that I know how much water my body needs.  I fill this container with the red lid twice a day and it's a little more than I need but that's ok with me :)  I've been adding 2 drops of Orange Essential Oil and 2 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil to a glass of water and then I refill it twice with plain water before adding the oils again.  You don't need to add oils each time, the glass will still contain them after your water is gone!  It's also important to use GLASS and not plastic if you're adding oils, the citrus oils especially, will break down the compounds in the plastic and you will end up consuming them... bad!

Also, it’s recommended to drink one 8 oz glass of water 15 minutes before a meal. This not only helps keep you hydrated, but also makes you feel more full, faster! 

I also ordered a bottle of Slique Essence and am really excited to try this in addition to the Grapefruit in my water! 

Here's why...Slique Essence combines grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, spearmint, and ocotea with stevia extract in a unique blend that supports healthy weight management goals. These ingredients work together to help control hunger.  The pleasant citrus combination of grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon essential oils adds a flavorful and uplifting element to any day with the added support of spearmint that may help with digestion. Ocotea essential oil adds an irresistible, cinnamon-like aroma to help control hunger, while stevia adds an all-natural sweetener that provides a pleasant taste with no added calories.

Tomorrow I will share how I plan to incorporate healthy eating habits in my family's daily life. 

Questions about your water intake? Ask below!