Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting Healthier with Exercise

Those of you who have been with me the last two days know that I've shared how I'm upping my water game and eating healthier. The last part of the trifecta awaits...

Now it's time to EXERCISE

To me this means, do anything but exercise! I'm not very coordinated or athletic so I'm going to focus my workout routine based on things I can do at home.  Also, I get bored easily...very easily... My solution? Have a BUNCH of different workout options so that when I don't feel like doing one of them, maybe another will sound better! 

For weight loss the goal is to use more calories than you consume so exercise is critical. This can be anything from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, starting the couch to 5k program or joining a gym. Make it your own, but make it enjoyable for you! 

1) I have a wii with wii fit that I haven't used in about 3 years! It's getting dusted off and set back up because it's fun and I think the kids would get a kick out of doing it with me!

2) There is a TON of YouTube videos out there and I plan on finding a great Yoga one... I'll let you know when I find it, or maybe you have a recommendation for me?

3) I have a complete set of Pilates Dvd's that I don't think i've ever watched...not even once :(  So, I'm gonna bust those out and see if the interest is finally there!

4) I've heard about this and am going to check it out!

Sign up for the FREE 30-day Home workout challenge! ENJOY this totally fun workout from Betty Rocker that will heat you up like a sauna and work every muscle in your body!

5) If you have a Prime membership to Amazon, you have countless exercise videos which you can use for free! 

6) Buy a product like the FitBit or the Vivofit which count activity and some even have alerts to help remind you to walk. It’s sooo great if you have a desk job! 

7) Have you heard about a rebounder? It’s a small trampoline, but using it for just 20 minutes a day may help reduce cellulite! 

8) Take a 30 day challenge like one of the ones found here.

These are all options that I will be looking into so that I can come up with a workout routine that fits my lifestyle and so that I don't easily get bored with it!  Also, to help you get motivated and stay uplifted and excited-try diffusing Peppermint and Citrus Fresh essential oils together! This is the blend I diffuse when I have something to do and don't feel like doing it...It really helps me to get motivated and accomplish tasks!

I'm always looking for new exercise ideas. Please share yours in the comments below!

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