Monday, January 18, 2016

Frankincense, which one do I need?

Have you noticed that there are 3 different types of Frankincense that you can buy from Young Living? Do you know the difference between them, and how do you decide which one you need? I personally have all 3 of them and they all smell very different and have different properties.  Frankincense is also really fun to learn about and it's actually harvested by "tapping" the trees.  They take little tools and injure the bark of the tree which creates urgency for the tree to begin to heal itself.  It starts producing the resin to help heal the wound and then the resin is collected from the tree, and steam distilled into our beloved Frankincense Essential Oils.

Elemi is technically not Frankincense but I include it here because it has many of the same properties.  I use Elemi in place of Frankincense for my skin support! It's a more economical and gives me the support that I've come to know from using Frankincense.  I like to add about 10 drops of Elemi, Lavender, and Melrose to a 10ml roller bottle and then top off with some Rose Hips and Jojoba oil.

I use this Frankincense as my main "Emotional" oil because I know it works wonders to help me stay somewhat calm in the world of crazy that I live in! I like to diffuse it with Lavender to provide a calming environment and also to help support mine and my toddlers Respiratory systems from time to time! 

These 2 types of Frankincense (Frereana & Sacred), I've combined in a 5ml bottle and put a roller fitment on it.  I added 10 drops of each and then topped off with Sweet Almond Oil.  I like to use this blend on my temples to help clear my brain when i'm feeling overwhelmed or annoyed.  It's also a great blend to apply to the back of my neck before quiet time or meditation.  You can also add a couple drops of either or both to 1/2c. epsom salt and make a relaxing bath.

I hope this helps you decide which type of Frankincense that you will benefit from the most!  I encourage you to build your collection overtime to include all of them so you know how each of them effects you.  Anyway you chose, Frankincense is an amazing oil to have in our lives and a huge thanks to Young Living for being the only company to have contracts around the world to locally source their Frankincense from the homelands of this beautiful oil.

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  1. I just took Frankincense in a capsule with my Peppermint and some olive oil! I love you blog! ❤️