Tuesday, January 12, 2016

KidScents Oils

Like I said, I am a mother. I have used YL Oils for awhile now and am always learning and expanding my knowledge base! When it comes to our children, we are the ones who Love, Teach, and Protect them. I wanted to make sure the oils I was using were safe for them because obviously, I wouldn't want to do anything to harm them! I know the oils I use are safe because they are Young Living…

Young Living makes it really easy on us parents and provides a collection of oils designed for children and the best part is the come already diluted!!! I LOVE these oils and so do my kids :) They actually come and ask me for their oils when they need them and as a mom- I'm so relived to know that I'm teaching my kids a healthier way of life!

If you don't want the entire collection- guess what?  Young Living has released these as individual oils now so you can pick which ones that you want to try! Simply search for their names to add them to your oily collection today.

Owie:  Sometimes kids don't want you to touch their owies so I solved that and made a cleansing spray!  Simply put 20 drops of the Owie blend in a 1oz. spray bottle and topped it off with Witch Hazel so now I can just spray and they can continue to play!

GeneYus:  Such an excellent blend to diffuse for young minds that are focusing and concentrating on projects.

SniffleEase: What an amazing oil to support your children's respiratory systems!!! I love to rub this blend behind their toes before bed.

SleepyIze:  This blend is wonderful and I even use it on myself! This will help promote a restful nights sleep or can help unwind in the evenings.  We like to apply it to the back of our necks!

TummyGize:  When your littles are having digestion issues, it can be hard on everyone! Simply rub this blend onto their stomachs in a clockwise direction!

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