Thursday, December 10, 2015

Essential Oils for Crazy Kids

Like I said, I am a mother. I have used YL Oils for awhile now and am always learning and expanding my knowledge base! When it comes to our children, we are the ones who Love, Teach, and Protect them. I wanted to make sure the oils I was using were safe for them because obviously, I wouldn't want to do anything to harm them! I know the oils I use are safe because they are Young Living…

Young Living makes it really easy on us parents and actually provides a collection of oils designed for children and the best part is the come already diluted!!! I LOVE these oils and so do my kids :) They actually come and ask me for their oils when they need them and as a mom - I'm so relived to know that I'm teaching my kids a healthier way of life!

If you don't want the entire collection- guess what?  Young Living has released these as individual oils now so you can pick which ones that you want to try!  I made an "Owie" spray for my kids and simply put 20 drops of the Owie blend in a 1oz. spray bottle and topped it off with Witch Hazel so now I can just spray and play!

Crazy Kids?!?! These will help do the trick…

1. Lavender:  To get my kids to bed on time, I like to either diffuse it or rub on their feet every night before bed.   I also make a mist that I spray on their bedsheets to help them wind down.
2. Peace & Calming:  For my babies, I like to add a drop of Peace & Calming essential oil to the diffuser or the bottoms of their feet. I also really like the combination of Lavender, Peace & Calming and Cedarwood for my children.
3. Cedarwood:  This is one of my favorite for the kids!  I like to use this one individually on them the most and I just place a drop on the back of their heads and it really seems to help them doze off.  The other plus is after a long day, diffuse it and it will also help you achieve a deeper sleep!!!
4. Stress Away:  This one’s for you us moms!  Rub Stress Away on your wrists (I can't stop huffing myself when its on), you can put it on a diffuser necklace, or use it with some epsom salt and take a bath in it!  Stress Away has an amazing smelling blend that can help you still love your kids, which is easier said than done!!!  

5. Frankincense:  Frankincense is amazing for emotional support in both us parents, and our kids!  Just add a drop to the back of their neck (or your own) and feel the cares float away!
In regards to children… This is a great post written by Tracey Black that talks about which oils are safe to use in children and gives some common recipes to support illnesses: 

This article discusses which oils to avoid on small children and when you can start using them as your child grows.

General Safety and Usage Guidelines:

Babies & Children info here.

For More information on Safety and Dilution Rates click here.

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