Sunday, December 13, 2015

Essential Oils for Focus & Memory in Kids

It seems like every kid I meet these days is being told that they're hyperactive, and need to be put on medication.  I do understand that there are people who need medication and greatly benefit from it, however, I'm glad that I grew up in a time where we were kicked outside when being hyperactive and not given a pill.  I want to help my family and friends with their concentration and focus so, I created this blend to help:

Concentration Blend:  5ml
5 drops Vetiver
5 drops Valor
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Lemon
5 drops Cedarwood
Sweet Almond Oil

Fill Glass Bottle (I buy mine HERE
with Essential Oils (I buy my oils HERE)
Top off with Sweet Almond Oil (I buy my Carrier Oils HERE
I add a roller filament to my bottles for easy application (I buy them HERE)

*This blend is best applied behind the ears in the morning, before school and 
also in the evenings before working on homework.

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